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Asthma, Cancer and Heart Disease Prevention Through Smokefree Air

(aka) American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation

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2530 San Pablo Avenue, Suite J
Berkeley,  CA 94702
Phone: 510-841-3032

Secondhand tobacco and e-cigarette smoke, smoking and vaping cause asthma, cancers and heart disease. We fight to protect infants, children and adults from deadly carcinogens, promote medical research, and raise awareness of the benefits of smokefree air.

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Our story is all too common. Nearly everyone knows someone who has been impacted by tobacco use or secondhand smoke exposure. Whether someone you know is struggling with tobacco addiction, a relative has lost their life from a smoking-related illness, or you recall the feeling of frustration from being exposed to secondhand smoke at work or as a child at home. Maybe you're just tired of seeing some workers standing in a cloud of smoke or kids in the back seat of a car with a parent smoking up front.

Our effective programs educate youth, young adults, and the general public about the dangers of secondhand smoke and the benefits of smokefree environments. Together, we can prevent asthma, cancer, and heart disease by providing healthy, smokefree environments.

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