Gluten Intolerance Group of North America


Gluten causes life-threatening health issues for those with Celiac Disease and gluten-related disorders.  GIG educates the community, food, and medical industries. Monitoring the safety of food is critical. GIG audits and certifies food production.

Success Story

Non-Celiac Campers Support GIG Kids at Camp We are the parents of Abby who just finished the English Riding session at Camp Sealth (WA). Abby is gluten intolerant and until we found your camp, we worried that she would not have the opportunity to enjoy a normal camp experience. Abby loved every minute of camp. The kids were great, the counselors were fantastic, and the food was simply amazing. Abby could not stop talking about the wonderful gluten-free meals and snacks she ate every day. Our mouths were watering just listening to her. She learned a lot about horses and horse-back riding, and made terrific friends among peers and counselors. She especially enjoyed the day when her whole cabin decided to go gluten-free to support her. Abby can't wait to go back next summer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing such an amazing experience for her. E & J (OR) GIG offers camping programs for celiac children through camps on the east and west coasts, giving kids a summer camp experience they might not otherwise get. Kids get to be kids while at camp, while our dedicated staff, prepare the special foods they need, even gluten-free Twinkies.