Beyond Celiac


Celiac disease can lead to cancer, malnourishment, infertility, osteoporosis, and other life-threatening diseases. Up to 83% of sufferers are undiagnosed. Beyond Celiac accelerates research for treatments for a cure for celiac beyond the gluten-free diet.

Success Story

Failure to Diagnose Celiac Takes Huge and Unnecessary Toll! Karima Hijane suffered muscle spasms and bone pain, headaches and hot flashes, bloating and night sweats — but she didn't know she had celiac. Instead, she went from specialist to specialist, looking for a cause. She developed depression, insomnia and lost her menstrual cycle. As her health deteriorated, physical ailments took an emotional toll. She was told it was stress, but prescription medications didn't work. In 2007, Hijane was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, an incurable condition. The root cause was unknown. Her health worsening, Hijane joined a research study. It was there that she learned about celiac. A blood test came back positive for celiac disease but, after receiving an endoscopy, Hijane was assured she didn't have the condition. After an ardent pursuit — including genetic testing and a retest of biopsies — Hijane silenced the naysayers and was diagnosed with refractory celiac disease. The autoimmune disorder was the root of many ailments, and possibly led to Hijane's premature ovarian failure. Since her diagnosis, Hijane has become an advocate for healthcare reform, knowing that improved access and physician knowledge are the keys to defeating celiac disease and preventing other women from experiencing the pain and uncertainty she endured. Help us 'restore health and reclaim lives'.