Hospice Foundation of America Inc


HFA improves end-of-life care through national research and education, offering the public free individual consultation about end-of-life care and grief. We work to uphold the founding principles of hospice care: compassion, dignity, and patient autonomy.

Success Story

THE MOMENTS WE ALL DREAD What would you do if your doctor told you that your loved one has an incurable illness and might live only a few more months? After the initial shock, with the help of the CFC organizations guide or the Internet, you might find the 800 number or website of Hospice Foundation of America (HFA). For over 20 years HFA specialists have provided thousands of individuals with difficult to find answers in a private, rapid and interactive manner. What are the medical issues? Will my loved one be in pain? How will I cope with my impending loss? Isn't it cruel to withhold food and water from my dying loved one? Can anyone help while I'm away? The following quote shows the tremendous emotional lift that people receive when an expert just takes the time to talk to them as an individual: Dear Dr. Lamers [HFA Medical Consultant]: "...not only were your responses comforting, they gave me a working vocabulary that I could use to understand the disease process and it's aftermath.... I'm so glad you were... at the Foundation. Thank you again for everything. I cannot say enough about the quality of your help." Hospice is not a place to go to die. It is a medical system that provides comfort care when cure is no longer possible. Care is provided in the home, nursing home, hospital, living facility, anywhere the individual wishes to be. It is provided by a team of clinicians and counselors. It is a covered benefit of Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and most insurance policies and HMO's. Your support is critical to maintaining our ability to provide rapid, comprehensive assistance to people in medical, emotional, spiritual or psychological crisis, privately and personally, even while you're away. Thank you for your support. We pledge to continue our commitment to those in pain and to those with terminal illnesses.