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We're improving human health, saving animals, and reducing environmental destruction by helping health professionals, schools, restaurants, foodservices, and businesses meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans. Scholarships, internship work training.

Success Story

THE FOLLOWING IS A THANK YOU LETTER WRITTEN BY A RECIPIENT OF A VEGETARIAN RESOURCE GROUP (VRG) INTERNSHIP SCHOLARSHIP:"This internship is really opening my eyes to the behind-the-scenes work of activism and the hard laborious work of non-profits. The two conferences I worked at (Book Expo America in Manhattan and American Library Association in DC) exemplified how VRG makes connections, popularizes vegan literature, and spreads the word about much-encompassing issues surrounding vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.Everyone who I met--in and out of the office--affiliated with VRG has been extremely friendly, personable, and inspiring. The hands-on work, conferences, and amazing group of people at VRG has made my experience and work really rewarding.With the help of the office staff, I've become vegan. I was always afraid to take what seemed to be the impossible step of giving up dairy products. The transition has been smooth and I actually feel healthier. Admittingly, if one is to make the switch to veganism, there's no better place to work than VRG. Wherever I end up, I will undoubtedly bring what I've learned from VRG with me and continue the vegan/animal rights activism on campus.I couldn't thank donors enough for making this opportunity a reality for me. Being the first person in my extended family to attend college, I've been exposed to educational and networking opportunities that were not possible for anyone else in my family. My VRG internship is another example of one of those great opportunities, and it is because of your generous contributions that I'm able to be here. My internship has been a wonderful experience and thank you again!"

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