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Wheels for Humanity

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9509 Vassar Ave Ste A
Chatsworth,  CA 91311-0884
Phone: 818-255-0100

The mission of UCP Wheels for Humanity is to promote greater inclusion for people with disabilities globally, through mobility, therapy, advocacy and empowerment.

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Real Life Story

The difference a properly fitted wheelchair can make in the lives of the people UCP Wheels for Humanity serves and to their entire family is more than anyone can ever imagine. A team of volunteer medical professionals from UCP Wheels for Humanity traveled to Tlaxcala, Mexico, to fit wheelchairs to 150 children and adults. One couple and their 5-year-old daughter, Lupita, had gotten up before daylight and traveled from the countryside by bus, on foot and in a taxi in order to get Lupita a wheelchair. She had been carried around by her parents since the day she was born with spina bifida. Lupita and her parents waited patiently all day, witnessing the joy of others wheeling around in their new wheelchairs. When Lupita was finally fitted into her wheelchair, she took off laughing and talking with a little girl she had befriended. Her parents watched their daughter moving around as they choked back tears. Children like Lupita, as well as children and adults in all developing countries, deserve the same kind of access to wheelchairs and to medical professionals and seating specialists that we have here in the United States.

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