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Diabetes Prevention and Aid Fund

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2661 N. Donna Ave.
Nogales,  AZ 85621
Phone: 520-287-2627

Providing?nutritious fresh fruits/vegetables to vulnerable?families. Science has proven that by the inclusion of daily fruits/vegetables we can help?prevent diabetes.

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Real Life Story

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your parish for providing this service to me and others like me in the hopes that you will continue it on the future.

With the produce I received I was able to help out many family members in need. In addition to our family, I was able to give my husbands ex wife produce for her and my step children. I gave some to my father who is retired and living on a fixed income. And, I was able to give fresh produce to my mother and grand mother in laws. My mother in law is unemployed, fighting cancer and taking care of her mother in order to keep her out of a nursing home. These are all people whose lives you have effected because of the MOM program. And I was just one person in line this weekend.

I would like to share how blessed I feel to have learned about your organization. I am happy to share that I have 2 other family members and a friend that Ive referred and will be bringing produce into the office to share on Monday and I have already passed out brochures. I thank you for providing this service I feel fortunate to be apart of it and will continue to promote it.

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