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Multiple Sclerosis, Can Do

(aka) Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

PO Box 5860
Avon,  CO 81620
Phone: 800-367-3101

I AM. I CAN. I WILL!? Your donation transforms, empowers and provides families living with multiple sclerosis to be more than their MS.

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Real Life Story

She was young, had a great job, and was living an active, spontaneous and happy life.

Meet Nikki Aragon, a Colorado native and self-described, normal 27-year-old woman whose life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in April 2010.

"I just cried," said Nikki of her diagnosis. "It was a relief to have an answer for my symptoms."

The disease began to make its mark on Nikki's life. She had to leave her job, she no longer had the energy to hang out with her friends, and her favorite mountain activity, hiking, seemed out of reach.

"I felt horrible all the time and thought it was never going to get any better. Some days I didn't even get out of my pajamas."

This was Nikki's life before Can Do Multiple Sclerosis.

The CAN DO® Program gave Nikki confidence and brought a sense of normalcy back into her life.

"I wish people could step into a documentary of my life before and after the CAN DO Program, because I think that would speak louder than anything else," says Nikki.

Nikki was able to attend the CAN DO Program, along with 42 other people, thanks to the generosity of sponsors and individual donations -- it costs $6,000 per each participant to attend the program.

"I want to let you know that your donation matters, and it has affected my life forever," said Nikki. "It was amazing and life changing, and I can't thank those that supported this program enough."

Help more people like Nikki attend our comprehensive programs free of charge - donate today.

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