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Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation

(aka) Graves Disease and Thyroid Foundation

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P.O. Box 2793
Rancho Santa Fe,  CA 92067
Phone: 877-643-3123

Graves' disease doesn't get the attention needed from medical professionals. Early treatment can avoid bone/muscle wasting, heart problems and thyroid storm. We're giving help, hope and support to patients with graves' disease and thyroid disorders.

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Real Life Story

Katie Linendoll is the technology host for A&E's Emmy-nominated reality show, 'We Mean Business. Here is her battle with Graves' Disease.

I started with iodine radiation treatments, and quickly noticed changes in my body. I lost half my hair, my eyes bulged out, I felt exhausted and moody, and I started gaining weight for the first time in my life.
Still, I didn't miss a day of work even though I wasn't looking or feeling my best. I think if I'd stayed home and felt sorry for myself I would have been even more miserable. Instead, I chose to be as active as possible, which helped me take my mind off my physical condition and cope better mentally.
I finally found a doctor who understood my situation better. Best of all, he doesn't think I'm crazy when I tell him my bizarre ever-changing symptoms!
Things have been getting better and the lifestyle steps I've taken have made a difference. My diet is much healthier, and I workout hard and consistently so I can still snack and eat desserts when I want! Of course, there are still up and down days. Sometimes before I go on live national television, I have a memory lapse and can't remember anything. But I just say to myself - I know what this is??_ it's happened before. No need to panic. I'm not losing my mind. I'm in control of the disease, not the other way around. And that's the way it should be.

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