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Amputee Coalition of America

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900 East Hill Avenue, Suite 390
Knoxville,  TN 37915
Phone: 888-267-5669

Every day, more than 500 Americans lose a limb. Help empower amputees and ensure nobody goes through their journey of recovery and readjustment alone.

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Real Life Story

My daughter, Dayna, attended Amputee Coalition of America's Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp this year as a Leader in Training. She was unable to attend last year because funding.

At first, Dayna did not want to attend. She told me she didn't need to be with other amputees to feel accepted and good about herself. I presented the opportunity to her in a different way: I want you to attend the camp to give back to the children. You need to share your confidence, knowledge and experiences with others who haven't been as fortunate as you.

As we approached the camp, Dayna started to become nervous: I feel sick. I don't want to go. This is in the middle of nowhere! I want to go home.

During camp I received a text message from her and cried tears of joy and relief when I read: I'm having an amazing time!

When I went to pick her up on the last day, I saw Dayna embracing several of her new friends - friends who had shared 5 special days that would last a lifetime. The first thing she said after camp was that she wanted to go back next year as a counselor. She said she went zip-lining and had the best experience of her entire life and met the most amazing people. She also said she hadn't realized how much she really needed this experience.

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