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AIDS Treatment and Research Information

(aka) Project Inform Inc AIDS Treatment and Research Info

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25 Taylor Street
7th Floor
San Francsico,  CA 94102
Phone: 415-558-8669

Stop deaths from HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C due to inadequate treatment, prevention/healthcare access; help us fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS and hep C.

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Real Life Story

"Thank God for Project Inform! It provided me with a framework based on real science which allowed me to evaluate the medical advice I was getting and choose a doctor in whom I had confidence. In addition, it taught me how to work with that doctor to make sure that I understood my options and had a voice in my treatment -a concept which seems to go against the culture of many medical settings.

This information also gave me more control over my medical situation rather than feeling like a victim while someone else made medical decisions for me. In addition, information on new treatments being developed gave me hope that if I could slow progression of the disease long enough, better treatments would be available."

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